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The Ultimate Fire Blanket by Fire Isolator

The Fire Blanket by Fire Isolator is a very efficient and strong blanket, specially designed to control and isolate electric car fires. Due to depriving the oxygen inlet, the blanket reduces smoke and toxic fumes, creating an enclosed space that aerosol units need to effectively kick down the flames. The fire will not spread any further, preventing collateral damage to the surroundings.


Features and benefits:

Made of silica-grade materials, for a temperature resistance of up to 1600 °C/2900 °F (peak temperatures) and eco-friendly.

The blanket can stand temperatures of 1200 °C/2200 °F. for more than 50 hours.

Tested according to ISO EN 13501-1 & ASTMD6413.

The Fire Blanket is reusable and can be cleaned.

Easy to deploy, equipped with colored loops.

Protects the surroundings and prevents collateral damage.

Suitable from small cars to large pick-ups.

Different sizes are available upon request, as well as for small electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-scooters/e-bikes.